Customized Software, Websites and Database Design

We are a home based business involved primarily in the design and development of custom software, websites and databases using HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, MySQL and Clarion. We also manage a number of websites that we have developed, sell some software products we have developed, run an online gift shop and are licensed real estate professionals. If that weren't enough, we are always looking for new things to get involved in.

Our Mission

To achieve success by helping others succeed. We truly believe that this is the road to our own success.

Website Projects

We use a blend of resources to create dynamic websites; HTML, PHP, Smarty, PearDB, MySQL, CSS and Javascript for the most part. We strive for W3C validated code, both with the HTML and the CSS. Please visit our Website Projects page to learn more about these projects.

Software Projects

We primarily use Clarion by SoftVelocity to create data driven business applications for the Windows environment. We also use or have used C, C#, Java, COBOL, Basic and various scripting languages to accomplish solutions for our clients in both the Windows and *nix environments. Please visit Software Projects page to learn more about these projects.

Database Projects

We use MySQL to create and develop our database requirements. In our website projects that require a database, we use the pearDB open source resource for database integration so that changing to another SQL server should be a seamless transition if the need should arize. We use MySQL because we can have the database available to us for website needs, and also be able to develop Windows based applications for "back office" operations to maintain the database. Please visit Database Projects page to learn more about the projects we have done that had database requirements.

Scope of Service

We appreciate the world presence that the internet gives us, but we are not prepared to do global business. If you are from outside the USA and believe that we would be of service to you, then we would be glad to open a dialog with you to discuss the possibilites.

We hope you will find what you are looking for either here or on one of our other sites (see footer). We sincerely hope you succeed in finding what you are looking for and provide links to other sites as well. We can not be responsible for these other sites, but if you do have a problem with a site we are linked to, let us know and we will evaluate our continued association with them. Thank you for stopping by, hope you will return soon.